MaineFocus highlighted as unique effort in ‘solutions journalism’

A few week ago, Natalie Feulner, Erin Rhoda and I spoke with Keith Hammonds, chief operating officer of the Solutions Journalism network, about MaineFocus and its mission.

SoJo, as it’s known, is a new nonprofit pushing news organizations to introduce “solutions” based reporting, as well as support solutions-based journalism and journalists across the country.

Keith’s write-up of our conversation, “We’re onto something,”  was posted on SoJo’s blog this week.

We’re thrilled about it, so please take a look.

Going forward, we’re planning to work with SoJo on ways of integrating solutions-based journalism into our newsroom. SoJo is starting to work with smaller news organizations like the BDN, and we’re proud to be one of their guinea pigs. Next month, we’ll start talking shop with some similar newsrooms about their efforts and see what we can do.

We extend our appreciation, as well, to the 300 readers and citizens of Maine who’ve signed up for our MaineFocus Group.  You’re part of the solution to these pressing problems of sexual and domestic violence, drug abuse and growing our economy. We’re refining our plans for the group and should kick things off in the coming weeks.

Thank you for joining us.

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