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It’s time to start calling ‘domestic’ violence what it really is

I’ve never liked the term “domestic violence.” I associate “domestic” with air travel, wine, and my home. For decades we’ve been creating softer, gentler language to define social problems. Culturally, we do this to distance ourselves from things we don’t want to imagine experiencing. In this manner, we invalidate the severity and importance of what […]

Why we shouldn’t be concerned with Maine pharmacists caught abusing drugs

This week the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting warns that over the past decade, 13 Maine pharmacists were relicensed/reinstated despite documented histories of substance abuse and theft. These numbers seem disconcerting. They’re not. If we eliminate those convicted of theft without abusing substances, we’re talking about one professional a year. We should be more […]

Sexual abuse is a “gateway experience” that often leads to drug addiction later in life

Lesser known fact about Sigmund Freud – early in his career he was all but laughed out of his field for suggesting that sexual abuse within families was a significant social problem. To remain respected he recanted his findings. Toward the end of his career he went back to his original claims and backed them […]

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