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No ‘one size fits all’ economic strategy for Maine?

What’s the best way to plan for Maine’s economic future? Leave it to the regions, argues Michael Aube, president of Eastern Maine Development Corporation in Bangor. In an OpEd published this week in the Bangor Daily News, the former commissioner of economic and community development argues that a statewide economic development strategy is ill-suited to […]

Metropolitan future for Maine’s economy, but policies for rural past

Greater Portland now accounts for more of half of Maine’s economic output. And 90 percent of the state’s population growth between 2000 and 2010 took place in the state’s metropolitan areas (Greater Portland, Greater Bangor and Greater Lewiston), its two “micropolitan” areas (Augusta-Waterville and Rockland), and in the state’s service-center communities. Yet Maine’s economic development programs, […]

What will build a workforce for Maine’s future?

A number of efforts are already underway in Maine to  build a workforce ready to take on the jobs of Maine’s economic future. The Democratic majority made the state’s workforce a key issue of this year’s legislative session, assigning a special legislative committee the task of developing legislation aimed at strengthening the state’s workforce. The […]

Demographics complicate Maine’s economic future

In many Maine counties, deaths outnumber births. Young people are leaving. Those who stay in Maine are often less educated. Manufacturing jobs are drying up and not being replaced. The state’s workforce is increasingly made up of aging workers. If Maine wants to reverse this trend of economic decline and stagnation, many argue the state […]

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