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Maine elders are victims of abuse, too. Here are 5 ways you can help

It’s hard to miss headlines about Maine’s aging population and what it means for the future of our state. What we don’t hear about as often is the domestic and sexual violence that many of Maine’s older residents experience. The research is difficult to come by because, whereas elder abuse is already significantly underreported, domestic […]

The abuse follows her everywhere, and it’s legal: One woman’s story of revenge porn

The following is a true story. However, some identifying details have been changed to ensure the safety of the story’s subject.  Beth smiles and shakes my hand confidently when we meet. There is a reserve about her, though, a hesitation in the way she first approaches me, that I understand once she begins sharing her story. […]

5 ways to improve the lives of Maine women and girls

Education, economic security, health care, safety, leadership. If Maine can improve these areas for women and girls, it can lift up the state. March is Women’s History Month. On March 13, Maine’s Permanent Commission on the Status of Women released it’s second biennial report, “The 2015 Report on the Status of Women & Girls in […]

3 big ways technology can help prevent domestic and sexual violence

We live in a world that is increasingly driven by technology. Our lives are more connected than ever through the web, and we rely on devices and apps to communicate and conduct our daily business. For many of us, this near-constant interconnectedness is the new normal. Unfortunately, for survivors of domestic and sexual violence this […]

What we can do about teen dating violence

Hooking up. Hanging out. Facebook official. Regardless of what teens call their romantic and/or sexual relationships, teens deserve to be happy, healthy and safe. Teen dating violence is a significant problem in Maine communities, and everyone has a role to play in its prevention and intervention. Approximately 9 percent of high school students have been […]

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